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finished garage with painted walls, says "best garage paint color"

6 Styles of Garage Doors with Windows

There are many different styles of garage doors with windows that you can choose from. Some people might prefer a sleek and modern look, while others might want something more traditional. No matter what your style is, there is definitely a garage door design with windows that will fit your needs! In this article, we will take a look at some of the most popular styles of garage door windows, the different characteristics you can choose from, and the benefits of adding windows to your garage door.

Styles of Garage Doors with Windows

As we mentioned at the outset, several garage door styles include windows and we know you want to learn more about the different options. Below, we’ll provide details about each one and its different design characteristics.

Carriage Style Garage Doors

One of the most popular styles of garage doors with windows is the carriage style. This type of garage door has a traditional look that will complement any home. Carriage-style garage doors are often made from wood and have beautiful, intricate designs intended to look similar to barn doors. They also come with large windows that let in plenty of natural light.

wood carriage style garage door
2 car white carriage garage door
white single car carriage style garage door with windows and looks like barn doors

Contemporary Style Garage Doors

Another garage door style that’s popular and has windows is contemporary. This type of garage door has a sleek, modern look and is perfect for homes that need a little bit of updated style. Contemporary doors often include elements consistent with those in other areas of the home such as garage door windows that mirror others visible. One of the latest trends in this style is to have an entire garage door made of tempered glass panels.

single car contemporary garage door with windows
white modern contemporary garage door with windows at top
black contemporary style garage door with windows

Traditional Style Garage Doors

If you are looking for a more traditional garage door with windows, there are plenty of styles to choose from. Many traditional garage doors have smaller windows that let in just enough natural light. They often come with beautiful designs and are made from high-quality materials and are warm and inviting. Their architectural design includes classic styling and may have windows in just about any shape from the standard rectangular to arched and Williamsburg (see Window Shapes below).

traditional white garage door with windows
traditional style gray garage door
single car garage door - traditional styling

Colonial Style Garage Doors

Similar to traditional designs, colonial-style garage doors are simple and symmetrical. While they are far from over-the-top, they are typically well-built and substantial. Colonial styling is almost borderline minimalistic and often includes a lot of white accents to enhance the clean, new look. Garage door windows in Colonial designs are usually rectangular or square and include a grill pattern in them.

white 1 car garage with windows and colonial styling
white colonial style garage door with windows
single car colonial style garage door with windows

Prairie Style Garage Doors

If you are looking for a garage door that has a unique look, prairie-style garage doors might be the perfect option. They may include asymmetric or banded windows straight across and connected throughout. A home with prairie styling will usually be just a single story with a low-pitched roof and include strong horizontal lines.

two single car prairie garage doors
brown prairie style garage door
single car prairie garage door

Craftsman Style Garage Doors

If you are looking for a garage door that has an old-world charm, a craftsman might be a good fit for you. A Craftsman architecture garage door will usually have lots of smaller square panel windows, allowing tons of natural light through the front of the house. You’ll also find that these doors will have lots of decorative features and commonly have a wood exterior (or at least a faux wood panel).

wood craftsman style wood garage door with wndows
faux wood craftsman style garage door
3-car craftsman style garage doors with windows

Different Characteristics of Garage Door Windows

When discussing garage door window options, we must first address what are the different types of features you’ll have a choice one. These include window shape, number of windows, types of glass, and window tinting.

Glass Options

There are tons of glass types for a garage door window. Some of them offer different levels of privacy, some are insulated or provided added safety, and others just enhance the look of the garage door. Here are some of the options you can find, with a short blurb on each describing it:

    Clear Glass

    – The most basic, standard option is a clear panel of glass.

    Frosted Glass

    – Frosted glass allows for natural light to pass through but also provides a certain level of privacy and security.

    Mirror Finish

    – Just what it sounds like, a mirrored, reflecting glass exterior. A different look from the outside, but has similar benefits to frosted glass.

    Tempered Glass

    – Replacing standard glass with new tempered panels gives added safety. This glass is tougher than standard glass and doesn’t scratch easily. It’s designed to shatter into tiny, relatively harmless chunks.

    Clear Lexan®

    – This product is a glass alternative. It’s strong and almost unbreakable but is also less scratch-resistant than classic and modern glass.

    Insulated Glass

    – If you’re going to spend the extra money on an insulated garage door, it wouldn’t make any sense to not also include insulated glass for any garage door designs including decorative windows, no matter the size.

    Window Tinting

    Another option for those who are looking for a garage door with windows is window tinting. Window tinting can add privacy and security to your garage door while also adding some style. There are a variety of different window tints to choose from including shades of bronze and gray as well as some darker tint colors. You should select these for ultimate privacy.

      Window Shapes

      Garage door windows come in all shapes and sizes. Common shapes are what you’d expect, square and rectangular of course. You can also get garage door windows in shapes you didn’t even know existed. There are over one hundred different window shapes that we found during the research for this article! That’s at least one available in every decorative panel type you could think to search for. Here are just 30 options offered by Overhead Door alone.

        30 different garage door window shapes and styles

        Number of Garage Door Windows

        Just like window shapes, the amount of garage door windows in a single residential garage door is also variable. Some options range from just a double window design to classic and custom model garage door options with an additional 30+ windows on them from top to bottom. It’s most common to find roughly 4 or 16 garage door windows on a residential door.

          Benefits of Garage Door Designs with Windows

          Garages commonly make up a large portion of a home’s profile, the portion of the home that’s visible from the road. Adding windows to your garage door makes a noticeable difference, tremendously increases curb appeal, and can provide character that sets your home apart from the many others that may look similar in the area. It’s been proven that garage door replacements improving curb appeal are a good investment.

          Besides the fact that your home will look better and potentially increase the value, windows in a garage drastically increase the amount of natural light in your garage. Depending on if your garage is painted classic white or a darker color, this could make a huge difference in the appearance of your garage. A garage with lighter paint and numerous or large garage door windows will appear larger and more welcoming. It’ll also feel like there’s more storage room, which is always a plus.

          As we noted in another article, your garage door is a vulnerable entry point of your home for thieves. For this reason, we always recommend some sort of privacy glass for any garage door windows. Select windows that are tinted, frosted, or have a mirror design to ensure seclusion from the exterior of your house.

            More Pictures with Garage Door Window Design Ideas

            If you came for the pictures, we wanted to share additional motivation for design ideas that incorporate garage door windows. Whether you’re looking for a new garage door, building a new house, or just adding windows to your existing aluminum, steel, or modern wood garage door, we hope you consider these images and they provoke added thought on your part.

              white craftsman garage door idea with windows

              Photo Credit:  Pinterest

              Sometimes just a simple white door makes the statement you’re looking for.  Vertical rectangular panels are less-common and help set the door apart from all the others and dark tinted windows look great against a white door.

                2-car charcoal colored garage door idea with windows

                Photo Credit:  Pinterest

                Conversely, a dark garage door is sometimes what’s required to contrast with the finishes on your home. Larger windows allow for more natural lighting inside the garage area and work great if you intend to spend much time there.

                  single car wood garage doors with windows

                  Photo Credit:  Pinterest

                  The wood look has become immensely popular over the past few years.  They provide a very high-end appearance that is only added to when a few small windows are included.  The barn door-style slats also add some additional character.

                    3-car carriage garage door (white)

                    Photo Credit:  Pinterest

                    Some like the look lots of windows provide a garage door.  Personally, this is too open for our taste, but to each their own, right?  There’s no doubt these windows give your garage space tons of natural light!

                      black modern style garage door idea

                      Photo Credit:  Pinterest

                      A darker garage door with smaller frosted windows appearsv very modern, yet has a simplistic design that we’ve seen for many years.

                        double garage door idea with windows

                        Photo Credit:  Pinterest

                        Arched garage doors and windows provide an elegant look to any home, and adding the wood paneling can really make it stand out in your neighborhood.  Unique doors are more expensive, but can pay off in the end!

                          white barn style garage doors with windows

                          Photo Credit:  Pinterest

                          Standard white doors might seem boring on paper, but when you add windows and carriage or craftsman styling, they no longer look “standard”.  It doesn’t take much.  Even just a little bit of styling and a few accessories can spruce up your garage door.

                            modern and unique garage door (black with windows)

                            Photo Credit:  Pinterest

                            Dark colored doors really look nice against brick, and when combined with angled slats and small, styled windows, can give your home the curb appeal you’re looking for.  Garage doors can really help provide some nice contrast against an otherwise basic background.

                            awesome wood garage door with windows - craftsman style ideas

                            Photo Credit:  Pinterest

                            These garage doors are made of high-quality wood and have a sleek, simple design that will complement any home. Wood craftsman-style garage doors are also very durable and can last for many years.

                            2 white single car garages with windows

                            Photo Credit:  Pinterest

                            Adding windows to your garage door is a great way to add some personality and style to what is typically a pretty bland exterior feature. A simple white garage door can be spiced up with a few accessories, like decorative window frames, shutters, or even awnings.

                            unique large wood barn door style garage door idea

                            Photo Credit:  Pinterest

                            Garage doors are often one of the first things that people see when they come to your house, so it’s important to make a good first impression. A very unique wood garage door can be the perfect way to show off your personality and style.

                            unique wood garage door with windows

                            Photo Credit:  Pinterest

                            Garage doors are not just a way to get your car in and out of the house. They can be a focal point for your home, and adding ornate wood garage doors is one way to make a statement. Wood garage doors come in many styles, from traditional raised panel designs to carriage-style doors with intricate molding.